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Created by the University of Ottawa Global Health Committee, uOttawaGlobalHealth.com is a bilingual website dedicated to bringing medical students a comprehensive resource for all things global health related. From upcoming events at the Faculty of Medicine to a blog about various global health topics, this website allows students from across Canada to learn more about global health and advocacy. Find electives abroad with our comprehensive Global health Electives Database, and keep up-to-date with the latest opportunities from the IFMSA.

The University of Ottawa Global Health Committee is a component of the Aesculapian Society, the medical student body of the Faculty of Medicine.  The committee encompasses local and national representatives from the Aesculapian Society, the Canadian Federation of Medical Students as well as the Action Global Health Network. 

The Global Health Committee promotes education and advocacy in global health through the organization of events, advocacy campaigns and educational programs. The committee is dedicated to facilitating collaboration not only between the various actors within the Faculty of Medicine but across the University of Ottawa community.


Our team

Tarun Rahman

Tarun Rahman (MS2)

VP Global Health Sr (Aesculapian Society), Global Health Liaison (CFMS) and Global Health Committee Chair (Aesculapian Society)

Ashley Cerquiera (MS1)

VP Global Health Jr (Aesculapian Society)

Ceinwen Pope

Ceinwen Pope (MS2)

Global Health Advocate (CFMS)

Jennifer DCruz

Jennifer DCruz (MS1)

Local Exchange Officer Jr (CFMS)

Sunny Xia

Sunny Xia (MS2)

Local Exchange Officer Sr (CFMS)

Richard Jung (MS1)

Global Health Assistant (Aesculapian Society)

Chelsey Ladouceur (MS2)

Local Officer of Indigenous Health Jr (CFMS)

Jessica Chen

Jessica Chen (MS2)

Local Officer of Global Health Education Sr (CFMS)

Julie El-Haddad

Julie El-Haddad (MS2)

Local Officer of Reproductive and Sexual Health Jr (CFMS), Co-Editor in-Chief of the GH Blog and Website Administrator

Chelsea Soares (MS2)

Global Health Interest Group Leader (Aesculapian Society)

Louise Gresham (MS2)

Global Health Interest Group Leader (Aesculapian Society)

Rameez Imtiaz

Rameez Imtiaz (MS2)

Refugee Health Initiative Representative (Aesculapian Society)



Linh Do

Linh Do (MS1)

Co-Editor in-Chief of the GH Blog and Liaison to the H.E.A.L Blog