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Global health electives can be rewarding experiences if you find the right one for you. Use the database below to find the electives that suit your interests the most. In order to get more specific information about certain elective opportunities or to set up your elective, you must contact the Global Health Office of the UGME ( If you’re not sure how to navigate the database, read the guidelines below.


Past student experiences

The information presented in this section of the database  was obtained from students who completed a global health elective in the past. We surveyed these students to learn more about the electives they did. The table presents each elective with the following information:

  • Identifier: When communicating with the Global Health Office, clearly state the identifier to refer to the proper elective.
  • Country (City)
  • Region
  • Languages: Lists the languages spoken during the elective
  • Institution/OrganizationInstitution or organization in which the elective took place
  • Specialty 
  • Type: Can be clinical, research or both
  • Overall rating: A recommendation rating from 1 (not recommended) to 5 (highly recommended)
  • Safety: A rating of 1 (not safe at all) to 5 (very safe)
  • Planing difficulty: Describes how difficult it was to arrange the elective with the overseas institution/supervisor from 1 (very difficult) to 5 (very easy)
  • Learning quality: Describes whether the elective was a good learning experience from 1 (very poor) to 5 (very rich)
  • Website: Links to certain organizations’ or institutions’ website

You can filter through this information by clicking at the top of the column, or using the search bar to look for specific details about the elective that interest you. Once you find the elective you want, send an email to and clearly state the identifier in the subject of the email (ex.: Elective Inquiry for #XYZ).

IdentifierCountry (city)RegionLanguagesInstitution/OrganizationSpecialtyTypeOverall ratingSafetyPlanning difficultyLearning qualityOrganization Website
A1Australia (Brisbane)OceaniaEnglishUniversity of QueenslandInternal medicine (infectious disease)
A2Singapore (Singapore City)AsiaEnglishSingapore National University HospitalSurgery (orthopedic)Clinical4554
A3Paraguay (Asuncion)Central & South AmericaEnglishSIM Canada (Christian Faith-Based Organization)MultipleClinical5435
A4Belize (San Ignacio)Central & South AmericaEnglishMedics AwayFamily medicineClinical2223
A5France (Paris)EuropeFrenchSAMU Hotel Dieu ParisEmergency medicineClinical4544n/a
A6India (Calcutta)South AsiaEnglishCalcutta RescueFamily medicineClinical4444
A7Tanzania (Bukoba)AfricaEnglishUnknownObstetrics and gynecologyClinical1431n/a
A8Jordan (Amman)North Africa & Middle EastEnglishUnited Nations Relief Works AgencyPublic
A9Israel (Holon)North Africa & Middle EastEnglishSave A Child's Heart, Wolfson Medical CenterPediatrics (cardiology, cardiac surgery, PICU)
A10Israel (Zafed)North Africa & Middle EastEnglishZiv HospitalInternal medicineClinical4412
A11Australia (Adelaide)OceaniaEnglishRoyal Adelaide HospitalInternal medicine (neurology)
A12Kenya (Kapsowar)AfricaEnglishAfrica Inland Mission (Christian Faith-Based Organization)MultipleClinical5455
A13Tanzania (Moshi)AfricaEnglishCanada-Africa Community Health AllianceMultipleClinical5453
A14United States (Palm Springs, CA)North AmericaEnglishBetty Ford CenterAddiction medicineClinical5545
A15Italy (Rome)EuropeItalianPrivate Practice in Ospedale San Camilo, RomeInternal medicine (cardiology), pediatrics (cardiology)Clinical3524n/a
A16Nicaragua (Bluefields)Central & South AmericaSpanishHospital in NicaraguaAnesthesiologyClinical4444n/a
A17South Korea (Seoul)AsiaKoreanHospital in South KoreaPsychiatryClinical4444n/a
A18Singapore (Singapore City)AsiaEnglishHospital in SingaporeSurgery (ENT)Clinical4444n/a
A19Israel (Holon)Middle EastEnglishSave A Child's Heart, Wolfson Medical CenterPediatrics (cardiology, cardiac surgery, PICU)
A20France (Paris)EuropeFrenchHospital in Paris, France Emergency medicineClinical5524
A21China (Beijing)AsiaMandarinHaidian HospitalOphthalmology, Surgery (ENT)Clinical455-n/a
A22Egypt (Ismailia)North Africa & Middle EastEnglishIFMSA (Suez Canal University)Internal medicine (infectious disease)Clinical3343
A23Ecuador (Quito)Central & South AmericaEnglishCanadian Association of Medical Teams AbroadSurgery (orthopedic)Clinical5555
A24Haiti (Cap-Haitien)Central & South AmericaFrenchUniversity of Ottawa BAF (Bureau des affaires francophones)Emergency medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, public healthClinical4444
A25Poland (Krakow)EuropeEnglishIFMSA (Hospital in Krakow)Internal medicine (endocrinology)Research5544
A26India (Anaikatty, Tamil Nadu)South AsiaMalayalamBethany Medical Centre (Christian Faith-Based Organization)Family medicineClinical3553
A27India (Tamil Nadu)South AsiaMalayalamBethany Medical Centre (Christian Faith-Based Organization)Family medicineClinical3333
A28Nepal (Pokhara)South AsiaEnglishWork The WorldEmergency
A29Armenia (Yerevan)EuropeEnglish, FrenchIFMSAAnesthesiologyClinical5534
A30Tanzania (Arusha)AfricaEnglishWork the WorldEmergency
A31South Africa (Cape Town)AfricaEnglishTygerberg HospitalEmergency
A32China (Shanghai)AsiaEnglish, MandarinRenji HospitalFamily medicineBoth4554n/a
A33South Africa (Cape Town)AfricaEnglishTygerberg HospitalEmergency
A34France (Paris)EuropeFrenchHôpital Necker - Enfants MaladesPediatrics (gastroenterology)
A35Israel (Holon)North Africa & Middle EastHebrew, EnglishSave A Child's Heart, Wolfson Medical CenterPediatrics (cardiology, cardiac surgery, PICU)
A36Singapore (Singapore City)AsiaEnglishNational University Hospital SingaporeSurgery (ENT)
A37Morocco (Rabat Souissi)North Africa & Middle EastFrenchHôpital Ibn SinaSurgery (urology)Clinical3342n/a
A38Taiwan (Taipei)AsiaMandarinNational Taiwan
A39South Africa (Cape Town)AfricaEnglishStellenbosch University Tygerberg Hospital Surgery (trauma)
A40Tanzania (Dar es Salaam)AfricaEnglishMuhimbili National Hospital (via Work the World)Surgery (orthopedic)
A41Israel (Holon)North Africa & Middle EastEnglishSave A Child's Heart, Wolfson Medical CenterPediatrics (cardiology, cardiac surgery, PICU)
A42Switzerland (Lausanne)EuropeFrenchIFMSA (CHUV Lausanne)Pediatrics (surgery)Clinical5545
A43Brazil (Teresina)Central & South AmericaEnglishIFMSA (Oncomedica Hospital)Internal medicine (oncology)Clinical5445
A44Chile (Santiago)Central & South AmericaSpanishIFMSA (Hospital Clinico Universidad de Chile)Internal medicineClinical4434
A45Peru (Lima)Central & South AmericaSpanishThe Lumbreras Tropical Medicine CourseInternal medicine (infectious disease)Clinical Course5445
A46India (New Delhi)South AsiaEnglishChild Family Health InternationalPublic
A47United States (Morgantown West Virginia)North AmericaEnglishWest Virginia universityInternal medicine (endocrinology)Clinical5545
A48India (Delhi)South AsiaEnglishApollo HospitalAnaesthesiology, emergency medicine, ICUClinical1332
A49France (Paris)EuropeFrenchCentre Hospitaler Sainte-AnneInternal medicine (neurology)
A50Sri Lanka (Horana)South AsiaEnglishProjects AbroadEmergency medicine, surgery (general)
A51Nepal (Kathmandu)South AsiaEnglishBringing About Better
A52United Kingdom (London)EuropeEnglishChelsea and Westminster HospitalSurgery (plastics)
A53Singapore (Singapore City)AsiaEnglishSingapore General HospitalSurgery (plastics)
A54Tanzania (Moshi and Kilema)AfricaEnglish, SwahiliKilema Hospital and Moshi Health CenterMultipleClinical4433
A55Nepal (Kathmandu)South AsiaEnglish, NepaleseHelping Hands Hospital (via the Mountain Fund)MultipleClinical3443
A56United States (Seattle)North AmericaEnglishAmerican Society of Medical StudentsPublic health
A57South Africa (Cape Town)AfricaEnglishTygerberg HospitalTrauma
A58Zimbabwe (Karanda)AfricaShonaKaranda Mission Hospital (Christian Faith-Based Organization)Internal medicine, surgeryClinical3435
A59India (Sidbarhi)South AsiaHindiNishtha Health ClinicFamily
A60New Zealand (Auckland)OceaniaEnglishUniversity of
A61Norway (Bergen)EuropeEnglish, NorwegianHaukeland University HospitalInternal medicineClinical4555
A62Colombia (Bogota)Central & South AmericaSpanishClinica Juan N. CorpasInternal
A63Czech Republic (Olomouc)EuropeCzechIFMSA (Teaching Hospital Fakultní Nemocnice)Surgery (general)Clinical4543
A64Tanzania (Arusha)AfricaEnglish, SwahiliMount Meru Regional Hospital (via Work the World)Obstetrics and
A65Poland (Szczecin)EuropeEnglishIFMSA (Pomeranian Medical University) DermatologyBoth4554
A66Guyana (Georgetown)Central & South AmericaEnglishn/aObstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, surgery (general, orthopedic)Clinical3455n/a
A67Mexico (Tamaulipas)Central & South AmericaEnglish, SpanishMedical Ministry International (Christian Faith-Based Organization)MultipleClinical3454
A68Greece (Athens)EuropeEnglishIFMSA (Aretaieion Hospital)AnesthesiologyClinical5444
A69Tanzania (Arusha)AfricaEnglishMount Meru Hospital (via Work the World)Emergency
A70Israel (Tel Aviv)North Africa & Middle EastHebrew, Arabic, EnglishSave A Child's Heart, Wolfson Medical CenterPediatrics (cardiology, cardiac surgery, PICU)Clinical4443
A71France (Paris)EuropeFrenchUniversity of Ottawa BAF (Bureau des affaires francophones)Internal medicine (haematology)Clinical5555
A72South Africa (Cape Town)AfricaEnglishGroote Schuur HospitalTrauma
A73South Africa (Cape Town)AfricaEnglishStellenbosh UniversityEmergency medicineClinical4444n/a
A74United States (Los Angeles)North AmericaEnglishChildren's Hospital of Los AngelesPediatrics (emergency medicine)Clinical5534
A75France (Paris)EuropeFrenchUniversity of Ottawa BAF (Bureau des affaires francophones)Emergency medicineClinical3443
A76South Africa (Cape Town)AfricaEnglishTygerberg Hospital (via Stellenbosch University)Trauma medicineClinical5445
A77Kenya (Kijabe)AfricaEnglishAIC Kijabe Hospital (facilitated by Samaritan's Purse)Emergency
A78Costa Rica (San Jose)Central & South AmericaSpanishChildren's Well-Being FoundationFamily medicineClinical2223
A79Guyana (Georgetown)Central & South AmericaEnglishGeorgetown Public HospitalEmergency medicineClinical4445n/a
A80Morocco (Rabat)North Africa & Middle EastEnglishAvicenne Hospital (Ibn Sina)Surgery (urology)Clinical3444n/a
A81Grenada (Saint-George's)North AmericaEnglishSt George's
A82India (New Delhi)South AsiaEnglishApollo Hospital (Dr. Arun Prasad)Emergency, ICU Clinical3344n/a
A83Israel (Tel Aviv)North Africa & Middle EastEnglishSave A Child's Heart, Wolfson Medical CenterPediatrics (cardiology, cardiac surgery, PICU)Clinical5534
A84Germany (Munich)EuropeEnglishContacted preceptor directlySurgery (neurosurgery)Clinical4543
A85Germany (Munich)EuropeGerman, Hungarian, RomanianContacted preceptor directlyObstetrics and gynecologyClinical3543
A86Nepal (Kathmandu)South AsiaEnglishWork the WorldObstetrics and gynecologyClinical4454
A87Rwanda (Butare)AfricaEnglishUniversity of RwandaObstetrics and gynecology,
A88China (Beijing)AsiaEnglishIFMSAAnesthesiology, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecologyClinical4524
A89Germany (Homburg)EuropeEnglishIFMSASurgery (cardiothoracic)Clinical545
A90Belgium (Liège)EuropeEnglishHopital CHR CitadelleInternal medicine (cardiology)Clinical3543
A91Colombia (Bucaramanga)Central & South AmericaSpanishPersonal ContactAnesthesiologyClinical5555
A92Tanzania (Kilema)AfricaEnglishCanada-Africa Community Health AllianceInternal medicine,
A93Tanzania (Moshi)AfricaEnglishCanada-Africa Community Health AllianceFamily medicine, women's
A94Indonesia (Yogyakarta)AsiaEnglish, BahasaIFMSAAnesthesiology, emergency medicineClinical2321
A95Nicaragua (Bluefields)Central & South AmericaSpanishBluefields Hospital Internal medicineClinical3243n/a
A96Israel (Holon)North Africa & Middle EastEnglishSave A Child's Heart, Wolfson Medical CenterPediatrics (cardiology, cardiac surgery, PICU)
A97Kenya (Nairobi)AfricaEnglishSt. Mary's Mission HospitalFamily medicine, internal medicine, surgery (general), obstetrics and gynecologyClinical4444
A98Peru (Cusco)Central & South AmericaEnglish and SpanishMundo VerdeObstetrics and gynecology Clinical3443
A99Kenya (Nairobi)AfricaEnglishUniversity of Nairobi (Sex Workers Outreach Program)Internal medicine (infectious disease), obstetrics and gynecology, women's healthClinical5444n/a
A100Kenya (Nairobi)AfricaEnglish & SwahiliKenytta UniversityObstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine (infectious disease), pediatrics Clinical5434n/a
A101Peru (Lima)Central & South AmericaSpanishHospital Nacional Hipólito UnanueObstetrics and gynecologyClinical2213
A102Israel (Jerusalem)North Africa & Middle EastEnglish and HebrewHadassah Medical Exchange ProgramEmergency medicineClinical5544!general-information/cipy
A103HaitiCentral & South AmericaFrenchProjet Bénin Montfort HospitalFamily medicine, obstetrics and gynecologyClinical4455
A104TobagoNorth AmericaEnglishMedics AwayEmergency medicineClinical4443
A105MauritiusAfricaCreolen/aSurgery (general)Clinical2513n/a
A106Mauritius (Victoria)AfricaCreoleIndependentlyInternal medicine (cardiology)Clinical3522n/a
A107India (Madurai)South AsiaEnglishTravellers WorldwideSurgery (urology)Clinical5543
A108Romania (Timisoara)EuropeEnglishn/aInternal medicine (cardiology)Clinical3543n/a
A109British Virgin Islands (Road Town)North AmericaEnglishn/aInternal medicineClinical5544n/a

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Other international opportunities

The information presented in this section of the database was obtained from various sources, including the Action Global Health Network website. It includes the following information:

  • Identifier: When communicating with the Global Health Office, clearly state the identifier to refer to the proper elective.
  • Organization name: Name of the organization offering elective opportunities
  • TypeCan be clinical electives, research, development or public health internships
  • Specialty
  • Location
  • Website: Website of the organization
  • Contact: Contact person within the organization
  • Other LinksUseful links with more information

You can filter through this information by clicking at the top of the column, or using the search bar to look for specific details about the elective that interest you. If you find an elective you like, use the contact information provided or their website to get more information. The Global Health Office is not responsible for these electives and will therefore be unable to assist you in setting them up.

IdentifierOrganization nameTypeSpecialtyLocationWebsiteContactOther links
B1CFMS-IFMSA international electives exchangeClinical Electives, ResearchMultipleMultiple
B2World Health Organization (WHO) - United NationsDevelopment/Public Health Internshipsn/aMultiple
B3Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) - United NationsDevelopment/Public Health Internshipsn/aMultiple
B4United Nations Relief Works Agency (UNRWA) - United NationsDevelopment/Public Health InternshipsPublic healthJordan
B5Travellers WorldwideClinical ElectivesMultipleNepal, Argentina, Ghana, India, Argentina, Others
B6Work the WorldClinical ElectivesMultipleGhana, Honduras, India, Tanzania, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Others
B7Unite for SightClinical ElectivesOphthalmology, public healthGhana, Honduras, India, Others
B8Child Family Health InternationalClinical ElectivesMultipleMultiple
B9Bringing About Better UnderstandingClinical ElectivesMultipleNepal
B10Canada Africa Community Health AllianceClinical ElectivesMultipleTanzania
B11Canadian Network for International Surgery (via CHEO surgeon)Clinical ElectivesSurgeryTanzania
B12Health Volunteers Overseas (via CHEO surgeon)Clinical ElectivesSurgeryBhutan
B13Tumaini Children's ProjectDevelopment Volunteern/aKenya, juliehakim@yahoo.ca
B14Can Aid AfricaClinical ElectivesMultipleTanzania, salat056@uottawa.ca
B15Calcutta RescueClinical ElectivesMultipleIndia
B16OISTER (ObGyn International Surgical Team for Education and Research)Clinical ElectivesObstetrics and gynecologyTanzania
B17The Mountain FundClinical ElectivesFamily medicine, public healthNepal
B18Centro Internacional IdiomasClinical ElectivesMultipleHonduras
B19Maasai International Challenge AfricaClinical ElectivesMultipleTanzania
B20Georgetown Public Hospital CorporationClinical ElectivesMultipleGuyana
B21Onandjokwe Lutheran HospitalClinical ElectivesMultipleNamibia
B22Kisumu District HospitalClinical ElectivesInternal medicineKenya
B23University of Manitoba - University of Nairobi PartnershipClinical ElectivesInternal medicine, pediatricsKenya
B24The Ottawa Hospital - Edendale Hospital Partnership Clinical Electives, ResearchInternal medicine (infectious disease)South Africa
B25Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) - United NationsDevelopment/Public Health Internshipsn/aMultiple
B26UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) - United NationsDevelopment/Public Health Internshipsn/aMultiple
B27BRACDevelopment/Public Health Internshipsn/aMultiple
B28Ghana Health and Education InitiativeDevelopment VolunteerMalaria prevention, girls

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