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In this section of the blog, authors address different issues in global health such as controversial strategies in global health, funding for international development, technology in global health, interviews with health care workers in global health, and book or movie reviews.


Thirteen Hours

by Julie El-Haddad

I sat at the end of the row in the middle aisle with my baby brother sitting on my left and my father beside him. Men walked up and down the boat passing small plastic bags to everyone. I remember thinking: “Oh, so that’s what a sailor looks like, just a normal looking guy.” On my right, in the next aisle, there was a woman wearing a purple hijab and a man sitting beside her. She seemed like she was a little nervous, but she was mostly just complaining about everything. I wasn’t too bothered with her. I turned my gaze from the passengers beside me to the porthole, a white frame to a monochrome canvas of sea and sky. The horizon wobbled as the engine started roaring…

Published May 8th 2016