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uOttawa medical students are automatically members of the International Federation of Medical Student Associations (IFMSA) through our membership with the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS). As such, students are eligible for various international opportunities.

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Summary: Call for IFMSA delegation to the UNFCCC Conference of Parties 22 (COP22).

Place: Marrakesh, Morocco

Date: November 7th – 18th 2016.

Application Deadline: Thursday 15th September 2016 23:59 GMT

This is to announce that we are looking for delegates to the COP 22 – the awaited Paris Climate change conference which will happen on November 7th – 18th in Marrakesh, Morocco, France. The delegation will be composed of at least six (6) persons, participating in at least 1 week of the conference (7-12 and/or 14-18), including (at least) an IFMSA Official who will coordinate the delegation. This meeting will be overviewed by the IFMSA Liaison Officer for Public Health Issues 2015-2017 and approved by the Executive Board 2016-17.

What is COP?

Every year, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) hosts its annual conference, known as the ‘COP’=Conference of Parties. This conference brings tens of thousands of key stakeholders together from member states, Civil Society Groups and Inter Governmental Agencies from all over the world to talk about international collaboration on Climate Change. It will be an event that will be influencing global and national policy on adaptation and mitigation efforts.

The Paris Agreement, adopted on 12 December 2015 at COP21, marked the beginning of a new era in the global response to climate change. The world now has a global climate agreement – that may have a major public health policy impact as countries take action. As stated in the agreement, “the right to health”, will be central to the actions taken.

The Agreement not only sets ambitious aims to curb greenhouse gas emissions to keep global warming well below 2°C, it also commits countries to strengthen adaptation. This includes implementing plans that should protect human health from the worst impacts of climate change, such as air pollution, heat waves, floods and droughts, and the ongoing degradation of water resources and food security.

Member states that are signatories of The Paris Agreement now are bound to develop and share their Specific National Policies in line with their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) .Through monitoring and revision of national contributions every five years, the world will begin to see improvements not only in the environment, but also in health, including reductions in the more than 7 million deaths worldwide that are attributed to air pollution every year.

For more information:

Official COP22 website:

The Paris Agreement:



IFMSA Training Manual on Climate and Health:

What about the IFMSA delegation?

The IFMSA delegation is expected to follow-up on the previous work achieved in prior climate change negotiations (especially COP20-21, the previous negotiations leading up to Paris, Ad hoc Durban Platforms-ADP2.8-2.11 and the WHO conferences on health and climate), including the promotion of health importance within the discussions and negotiations on the COP decisions. You can visit IFMSA Blog at for more insights on the achievements of previous delegations.

Important criteria for selection of delegates include:

  1. Interest, and understanding of global health and climate change issues

  2. Experience in advocacy

  3. Motivation and potential to contribute to IFMSA’s efforts on climate change education issues.

  4. Commitment to learn new information, gain new skills, and participate in IFMSA’s projects even beyond the conference.

Delegates are expected to:

  • Be available for the full duration of the meeting, or be available and have a preference for 1 of the weeks suggested.

  • Fund their own travel and accommodation expenses.

  • Actively participate in the delegation’s preparations.

  • Actively engage with the different participants and stakeholders at the conference (to be defined).

  • Take part in the follow-up of the event, based on the opportunities and upcoming mandate at COY12, COP22 and related events.

  • If available, participate in the Conference of Youth 12 taking place also in Marrakesh, prior to COP22 (4-6 November, optional), as some IFMSA activities are planned.

  • Attend the Climate and Health Summit (parallel event to COP22)

What do you need to do?

If you are motivated to participate, please submit to before Thursday 15th September 2016 23:59 GMT. Please put “[COP22 Application] Your name ” as the subject of the e-mail. Late and incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

What you need to submit?

  • Dully filled IFMSA External Meeting Application Form (attached).

  • Curriculum Vitae (optional)

  • Certification Letter from NMO President – this should certify your membership in IFMSA and your student status (Note: Alumni can also apply until 1 year after graduation.)

Accepted applicants will receive online preparation as soon as the results are released. IFMSA commits to train, brief and prepare all delegates to the meeting; and to smoothly coordinate the delegation during the meeting.

Do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions to